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The Spanish real estate market beaten sales records in 2018. Malaga is a benchmark for investors


The highest figure in the Spanish residential market in a decade. Malaga and the Costa del Sol have registered a continuous and growing demand for housing since 2015. This has contributed to the foreign tourist seeking to spend increasingly longer periods in Spain, in addition to tourist houses as an investment in the short and medium term.

Transactions exceeded half a million units. According to the National Statistics Institute (INE), whose data come from the registrars, they have closed 508,402 transactions a year.

The Spanish autonomous regions with the highest number of home sales registered in the third quarter were Andalucía (26,362), where Malaga is located, Cataluña (20,771), Comunidad Valenciana (20,182) and Comunidad de Madrid (20,048). In nine have fallen over the previous quarter, compared to increases in eight of them. The greatest reductions were recorded in La Rioja (-10.08%), the Canary Islands (-9.50%) and Aragon (-4.61%).

In year-on-year terms, there have been more than 500,000 home sales, recording 508,402 in the last twelve months, a figure that had not been reached since 2008. 87,703 corresponded to new housing, reaching the highest year-on-year result in the last thirteen quarters. In second-hand homes, 420,699 sales were recorded, the highest amount since 2007. The year-on-year increase was 14.06%, with 13.15% in new housing and 14.25% in used housing.

The provinces with the highest number of sales in the third quarter of 2018 were Madrid (20,048), Barcelona (14,217), Alicante (9,828), Malaga (8,368) and Valencia (8,073). The greatest increases in sales compared to the second quarter of the year were achieved in León (21.72%), Cuenca (16.56%), Asturias (15.84%) and Almería (13.31%). Twenty-eight provinces presented an increase in home sales with respect to the previous quarter, compared with decreases in twenty-two provinces.

The provinces with the highest number of new home sales were Madrid (4,447), Barcelona (1,860), Alicante (1,612) and Malaga (1,596), giving rise to twenty-eight of them with quarterly increases. On the contrary, resale property, thirty provinces have registered inter-quarterly decreases, recording the highest number of sales in Madrid (15,601), Barcelona (12,357), Alicante (8,216), Malaga (6,772) and Valencia (7,165).

Both the capital city of Malaga and the Costa del Sol have experienced this continuous and growing demand for housing since 2015. The impulse of foreign tourists, who are looking to spend longer periods in Spain, in addition to the tourist flats as a short and medium-term investment, have contributed greatly to the demand.

The Costa del Sol is a reference point for the coastal market and specifically, Malaga is the spearhead for the investor because it is a location that has all the services: high-speed train AVE, Malaga Airport with international regular flights and low-cost tickets, seaport, also the Malaga cultural and gastronomic offer meets all the requirements for Spaniards and foreigners to enjoy in this town.

There are three types of investor: the institutional investor, the small investor and the domestic investor, who buys a property as an investment.

Residential renting also contributes to the rise of this market, as much of the foreign demand first rents and then buys. And tourist renting, “where profitability can reach 10 or 12% and has as much interest as renting in the main capitals of Madrid and Barcelona,” says Rodriguez. The new coastal market offers clients the opportunity to rent their second home, perfectly combining the enjoyment of this with a good investment been Malaga one of the best choices.

England is still the biggest market but also Belgium, Sweden, Germany and France stand out. It is a destination that covers the desires and needs of these clients, who are looking for good weather, beaches, golf courses, walking distance restaurants, and good infrastructures and services for families, couples or even single.

The graph below shows the market share of home sales by Spanish autonomous regions, headed by Andalusia (19.78%), Catalonia (15.58%), Valencia (15.14%) and Madrid (15.04%).

Foreign demand has declined in percentage and absolute terms. 12.11% of purchases in the third quarter were made by foreigners, compared to 12.92% in the previous quarter, which meant having registered slightly less than 16,000 purchases, while in the second quarter there were slightly more than 17,100. The nationalities with the highest impact on the market were British with 16.17%, which increased compared to the previous quarter (14.91%), showing a clear sign of recovery, followed by French (7.66%), Germans (6.81%), Belgians (5.92%) and Romanians (5.86%). In the last twelve months foreign demand has been 12.87% of purchases, approaching 65,500 sales.

 At the provincial stage, foreign demand has reached its highest level in Alicante (39.29%), Tenerife (32.47%), Balearic Islands (27.94%), Malaga (27.19%), Girona (26.84%), Murcia (18.91%), Las Palmas (18.62%), Almería (16.83%) and Castellón (14.12%).

A speedy, efficient of administration and legal offered service certainty will determine the foreign client’s decision to buy a home on the Costa del Sol or in other destination.

Marbella Luxury Homes, real estate agency on the Costa del Sol assures a prompt and effective service in the purchase of a property on the Costa del Sol, while generating a simpler and more reliable buying experience for the client. One of the valuables competitive advantages is that the agents are native speakers of several countries, knowing the needs and specifics of each country. The focus of the company is on customer satisfaction, through a quality service in the purchase and sale of homes on the Costa del Sol as well as multiple services for owners.

The legal system and the steps to follow when buying a property abroad are different in each country, that’s why Marbella Luxury Homes establishes bonds of trust with the client to optimize time and costs given their extensive knowledge and experience in the region becomes the client’s invaluable assistant.

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Source: El Economista & Expansión News 2018

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Located in south of Spain on the Costa del Sol, Marbella is one of the most luxury touristy great destination to take a holiday, or even to live with a wonderful year-round weather.

There are many things to keep you busy all year round, whether you come as a family, a couple, or a group to enjoy local and international cuisine, shopping, sports, culture and other attractions. In addition to leisure, beaches and luxury yachts, those who truly know it are perfectly aware that there are a lot more things to see in Marbella, which has an old town that preserves its traditional Andalusian small-town charm, small bars frequented by regulars, archaeological evidence that brings its Roman origins and Arab past to life and a natural world yet to be discovered.

You can discover a city with great historic roots and important artistic attractions that have been developing in recent years:

Walking along Marbella’s historical district is to immerse yourself in the small fishing village it once was. It seems that nothing has changed since then enjoying narrow winding and whitewashed streets, bougainvillea balconies displaying colourful geraniums. The tapas bars contrast with gourmet restaurants and local craft shops mingle with large firms. Do not forget to visit the Etching Museum, it is full of surprises for those art lovers with works by Picasso, Joan Miró, Antoni Tàpies and Antonio Saura.

The walk through the historical district always ends up in the Plaza de los Naranjos and their particular town hall, an ideal place to to have some juice under the shade of the orange trees that give this square its name. It is worth wandering through its streets and find hidden corners, where we suddenly see monuments like the Church of the Incarnation. Just remember to start off your morning in the best of ways as locals do…what better way to do it then having some traditional churros? The Churrería Ramón has become a must in the city centre.

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In de afgelopen drie jaar hebben wetenschappers van OceanSea tot 651 waarnemingen geregistreerd van walvissen en dolfijnen aan de Costa del Sol, met name in Fuengirola en Benalmádena. Bron:


Andere walvisachtigen die speciale bescherming nodig hebben, werden ook opgemerkt, met inbegrip van de onechte karetschildpadden en bruinvissen.  De Alboranzee is een belangrijk gebied voor zeezoogdieren en werd aangeduid voor bescherming door de Internationale Unie voor het behoud van de natuur (IUCN).  Sinds 2015 heeft OceanSea in samenwerking met de toeristencruise-maatschappij Costasol Cruceros tal van onderzoeken uitgevoerd naar de hoeveelheid en locatie van walvisachtigen voor de Zuidkust van Spanje. De meest voorkomende soort is echter wel de tuimelaar gevolgd door de gewone dolfijn, de vinvis, de onechte karetschildpad, de gestreepte dolfijn en tot slot de bruinvis.


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Mensen die gedomicilieerd zijn in Marbella mogen gratis gebruik maken van de locale busfaciliteiten zodra de nieuwe wet van kracht gaat in 2019.

De gewijzigde reglementering betreffende de rechten en plichten van gebruikers van de busdienst (die de komende twee weken via de website van Marbella kan geraadpleegd worden) stelt nu een nieuwe gemeentelijke mobiliteitskaart voor (Tarjeta Municipal de Movilidad) die officieel geregistreerde inwoners toegang zal geven tot deze dienst. De kaart heeft een administratieve kost van niet meer dan tien euro, zei de burgemeester Ángeles Muñoz, op de persconferentie afgelopen dinsdag.
De gemeenteraad zal drie miljoen euro per jaar gaan investeren in het initiatief dat, volgens de burgemeester, vooral gericht is op het bevorderen van het gebruik van het openbaar vervoer, maar de verwachting is ook dat het aantal geregistreerde inwoners op de “padrón” (inschrijvingsregister) eveneens zal toenemen.
Bedrijven zullen zich kunnen aanbieden voor het project, waarmee ze minimaal tien jaar lang € 4,5 miljoen per jaar krijgen.
Het winnende bedrijf zal de busdiensten en de busvloot moeten verbeteren en ze gebruiksvriendelijker moeten maken.



De raad investeert drie miljoen euro per jaar in het initiatief dat, volgens de burgemeester, vooral gericht is op het bevorderen van het gebruik van het openbaar vervoer, maar de verwachting is ook dat het aantal geregistreerde inwoners met een padrón ook zal toenemen.
Bedrijven kunnen via een bid inschrijven op het project, waarmee ze minimaal tien jaar lang € 4,5 miljoen per jaar verdienen.
Het winnende bedrijf zal de buslijnen en het wagenpark moeten verbeteren om gebruiksvriendelijker te worden.

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Terug in Marbella, Spanje.
Novak Djokovic genoot op zaterdag 4 augustus 2018 enkele dagen vrij met zijn vrouw Jelena, zijn kinderen Tara en Stefan, en zijn broer Marko. De Servische speler werd gespot terwijl hij rond het strand slenterde en trainde op de tennisbaan in Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa, zich voorbereidend op de Rogers Cup in Toronto die deze week begint.



Terug naar Marbella om weer op krachten te komen en te trainen voor de aankomende Canadese Open ‘Rogers Cup’ is Novak Djokovic dus terug aan de Costa del Sol.
Sommige inwoners van Marbella waren afgelopen weekend verbaasd toen ze een van ‘s werelds beste tennisspeler Novak Djokovic zagen trainen in zijn nauwpassende zwembroek aan de promenade van Marbella.

‘s Werelds N°10 genoot eerst een paar dagen in Monte Carlo al trainend met tennisvriend Grigor Dimitrov voordat hij zich naar Marbella begaf, waar hij een huis heeft, met zijn vrouw Jelena, zoon Stefan en dochter Tara.
Djokovic’s manier om de brandende zomerse hitte te verslaan, bleek een grappige verrassende manier te zijn voor de vele mensen daar ter plaatse.

De vriendelijke Serviër stemde vriendelijk toe om mensen enkele foto’s te laten maken die vanzelfsprekend snel hun weg vonden naar sociale media. Zoals we weten, deelt Novak altijd wel graag enkele momenten van zijn leven op sociale media. Hij plaatste een video waarin hijzelf trainde met Marian Vajda op de gravelbaan van Puente Romano in Marbella.
De tennisster is dol op Marbella en waar mogelijk beoefent hij zijn tennisvaardigheden en yoga in Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa.

Novak Djokovic, momenteel gerangschikt als ‘s werelds nummer 10-speler, claimde onlangs zijn 13e Grand Slam terwijl hij de titel won op Wimbledon nadat hij de Spanjaard Rafael Nadal in de halve finale versloeg en Kevin Anderson in de finale.





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