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Benahavis Village is easily one of the most enchanting villages on the Costa del Sol, closed to Marbella.

Offers remarkable and picturesque views and more than ten golf courses. The mixture of sun, sea, gastronomy, golf and mountains make this charming abode a very special place to reside.


Benahavis kept its original charm and is alive all year around, offering lots of activities for young and elderly. It also has an extremely high percentage of resident expatriates who have found its location and ambience irresistible.

Benahavis is synonymous with food. It has the highest concentration of high class restaurants in the region and draws visitors by the thousands who come simply to savour the cuisine. It also hosts the Culinary Arts School of Benahavis.



Benahavis is a wealthy Municipality and has been one of the leading town councils for developments, urbanizations and golf courses. The quality of properties on offer in Benahavis is in general high; many have been built within the last 10 years. And is growing quickly on its outskirts, with new urbanisations.

Established in the area are some of the most exclusive mansion clubs in Europe, which contribute to the Benahavis’ status as the richest municipality per capital in Andalucía.

Benahavis also has a housing estate in which luxury and fame are concentrated in a special place: La Zagaleta. Considered to be one of Europe’s most exclusive Resorts, La Zagaleta is set among 2,200 acres of pure natural beauty. Oak trees and forests, rise from the valley floors and crystal-clear streams trickle down from the Sierra Bermeja Mountains, which form a stunning backdrop to this prestigious private club. Look in another direction and the vista become that of the blue Mediterrean (with North Africa and Gilbraltar visible on a clear day), or the lush green that covers the private golf courses of the Country Club. All this can be seen from the tasteful and luxurious villas that so enchant visitors, where space between plots ensures that nothing can interrupt the views from a private terrace or pool. Buyers can inspect plots and begin to indulge their dreams straightaway, making this one of the most advantageous real estate sites in a region that is already rich with investment opportunities. An idyllic setting in which large fortunes and celebrities like Eva Longoria or Hugh Grant, have been spotted lately.



In spite of this, it has remained remarkably unspoiled, with winding narrow streets and a picturesqueness which almost makes it seem like a specially-created film set.

It stands 500 meters above sea level, 7 kilometers inland from the Guadalmina Golf Course, and is reached by driving through the Guadalmina river gorge up into the hills.

Its Moorish heritage is emphasized by the existence nearby of the ruined 11th Century castle of Montemayor. As its name suggests, this Arab fortress sits on top of the highest mountain in the location and you can visit the ruins and experience the stunning views of the coast.

A notable feature of the village is La Aldea. Almost a village within a village, La Aldea was the brainchild of the British sculptor, David Marshall, whose gallery is one of its main features however, there are other art galleries in Benahavis.



Marbella Luxury Homes has an excellent selection of modern apartments, penthouses and exclusive villas on the frontline golf and with panoramic views to the sea. The swift access to the coastal road makes commuting a pleasure and brings together a harmonious blend of comfortable, modern living with a natural Mediterranean environment.

In addition, in the Costa del Sol you can discover more about other places in our previous articles: Marbella things to do and Estepona.

Marbella Luxury Homes are property finders and relocation specialist, we assure a prompt and effective service and security in the purchase process, while generating a simpler and more reliable buying experience.  Already offering our services to a multitude of different nationalities around the world and now opening to the South African and United States market. Ensuring that a total turnkey solution is offered to our clients from the opening of bank accounts, paperwork to support the residency, Spanish Golden Visa facilitation to advising on schools for their children, medical aid and insurance. We look forward to welcoming you to southern Spain, let Marbella Luxury Homes guide you.

Choosing your best partner certainty will determine your success in the process of moving to Spain.

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Waarom is Malaga de plaats bij uitstek om te wonen? Malaga en de Costa del Sol zijn hippe en trendy bestemmingen voor vakantiegangers en expats.

Veel gezinnen en koppels vestigen zich hier voor het heerlijke zonnige weer, de aangename levensstijl, de verse mediterrane keuken, de cultuur en de geweldige Andalusische festivals. Het is nog steeds voordeliger om in Zuid-Spanje te wonen dan in andere Noord-Europese landen, omdat de prijzen van onroerend goed en de kosten van levensonderhoud relatief goedkoper zijn.

Het is een fantastische plek om kinderen op te voeden. Door het mooie weer kan men optimaal genieten van sport en andere outdoor activiteiten. Ook aan goede scholen, zowel Spaanse als internationale scholen, geen gebrek. Ook voor de ouders is er een uiterst groot aanbod aan sportmogelijkheden, cultuur en lekker en gezellig tafelen.

1. Een prachtig klimaat en kilometers kustlijn

Marbella beach

De Costa del Sol geniet van heel veel zon het hele jaar door, met om en bij 300 dagen zon. Hier leef je dan ook vooral buiten.

De Costa del Sol heeft 160 km kustlijn en meerdere stranden die trots het “Blauwe Vlag” certificaat hebben. Het doorschijnende kristalheldere water van de Middellandse Zee biedt u de mogelijkheid om optimaal te genieten. Daarnaast vindt u prachtig onderhouden promenades, waar u comfortabel kunt wandelen langs het strand.

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It can be a challenge for newcomers to find out about mandatory insurance in Spain and to go through the process of obtaining Spanish insurance.

In this article we will tell you what insurance types are compulsory in Spain, including information on what the law requires and what you may need as additional cover as an expatriate and what you need to protect your lifestyle and that of your family while living in Spain.

What insurance is legally required in Spain?

– Household insurance: Household insurance is not a mandatory requirement but is recommended if you buy a house in Spain.  However, if you do it through a Spanish mortgage is obligatory.

In this case your mortgage provider will offer you a home insurance, but you are not under any obligation to contract this, you can evaluate other and more competitive options. In order to do so, you should look for a cover that insures you against: natural disasters, fires, floods and other damages. In the case of new construction, they should already be covered against any defect due to poor workmanship.

In case of the building of apartments, in Spain at state level there is no provision in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. Nor, is there is any specific legislation that forces to take out community insurance, although it is advisable to have it with the basic coverage for the building and civil liability.

Whether or not it is compulsory, it is advisable for the owners’ association to take out an insurance policy to avoid possible problems in the future. Flexible insurance policies in terms of prices and coverage are available.

Marbella Luxury Homes Insurances

– Insurance of content: is not obligatory either, but it is very important that you do consider interior home insurance, especially if it is your second home or if you leave your house empty for long periods of time or even if you rent it out.

– Car and other vehicle insurance: As elsewhere, a minimum level of insurance is required by the Spanish law, called third party insurance. It is required that cars, including trucks, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, boats and airplanes be insured. This covers damage to third parties, fire and theft. You can opt for all-risk insurance, which will cover damage to your car, the other car and other issues that may arise.

Lower monthly payments may be available if you have proof that you have not made a claim in several years and/or are willing to pay a higher excess. In some cases, you may be able to submit your accident or insurance history from your former country of residence.

To drive in Spain, you may need to obtain a Spanish driver’s licence once you are a resident and it will help you learn the rules of driving and parking in Spain.

– Life, unemployment and injury insurance: in some cases, foreigners will be entitled to state unemployment benefits, although this should be compared to benefits offered by a plan. Life insurance is not compulsory either.

– Health insurance: free health care is covered by social security, although some foreigners opt for private health insurance to reduce waiting times, extend options and, in some cases, for English-speaking specialists.

– Dental insurance: dental care is not covered by the Spanish health system, except in certain circumstances, for example, if you are under 18.

– Pet insurance: can cover the cost of unexpected veterinary bills and, in some cases, burial and theft.

– Travel Insurance: In some cases, travel accidents may be covered by private medical insurance.

Marbella Luxury Homes offers insurance services in the Costa del Sol with the best value for your money. We are associated with the best insurance companies. We offer the insurances services, as noted above. We will ensure that you will always have the coverage you need and the best policy, without having to pay extra for guarantees that you are not going to use.

We have home insurance policies that are tailored to suit your flat, loft, attic, ground floor, country house, semi-detached or individual villa. Different kinds of insurance packages are available with all guarantees firmly in place. We cater for all different properties and circumstances, holiday homes, permanent residence, communal insurance for buildings, rental properties etc., to ensure you get the insurance package that best suits your needs.

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More foreigners have once again come on holiday in Spain During the first three months of this year, 14.2 million foreign holidaymakers came to Spain, an increase of 3.7% compared to the first quarter in 2018, according to “FRONTUR” (Tourist Movements in Frontiers) report published by the Spanish Statistical Office (INE).

In March 2019, 5.645.747 foreigners’ tourist visited Spain, which is 4.7% more than in March 2018 according to INE.

The largest group of tourists in the month of March was the British with 1.110.455 (-6.2%) holidaymakers, as usual, followed by the Germans with 812.433 (-1.3%) and the French with 677.518 (+4.6%) tourists. Among the other countries of residence, the annual growths of tourists from Russia (27.2%), Portugal (23.6%) and the United States (18.4%). The number of Belgian tourists rose by no less than (+14.6%) to 178.966 holidaymakers in March 2019. As far as the Dutch are concerned, the number of tourists decreased by -2.3% to 221.746 holidaymakers.

Marbella Luxury Homes Rent

During the first three months of this year, 14.222.812 (+3.7%) foreign holidaymakers came to Spain. Of these, almost 2.8 million (-1.6%) came from Britain, 1.9 million (+0.9%) from Germany and 1.7 million (+0.3%) from France.

The number of Belgian tourists has increased by +2.9% to a total of 423.133 holidaymakers this year. However, the Dutch number of tourists so far this year has decreased by -3.1% to a total of 542,913 holidaymakers.

As every year in winter/spring, the Canary Islands are the most visited and in March 2019: 1.340.619 (-0.5%) foreigners. The second most visited region is Catalonia with 1.276.644 (+4.9%) tourists, followed by Andalusia with 850,475 (+8%) and the Comunidad de Madrid with 682,976 (+21.9%) tourists.

The annual quarter positioning the Canary Islands with 23.7% of the total. The followed by Catalonia (22.6%) and Andalusia (15.1%).

Andalusia, with 850.475 tourists and an annual increase of 8.0% in March 2019. The United Kingdom is the main country of origin (with 27.4%). of the total), followed by Germany (10.8%).

In Marbella Luxury Homes we have holiday apartments, penthouses and villas for rent. We have been performing our activity in the Costa del Sol, making great efforts in order to provide our clients the best service in order to enjoy the best holidays.

Source: INE (Instituto Nacional de Estadística. Spanish National Statistic Institute)

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New or second-hand housing? This is one of the main concerns of homebuyers before buying. Although in the recent years, second-hand homes have been leading the market, newly built homes are getting a significant position thanks to the multiple advantages.

According to a “Profile The percentage of new-build homebuyers in Spain has increased considerably over the last year, reaching 29% of the total sales. In addition, the proportion of those only looking for new housing has doubled in one year, from 8% to 15%.


Marbella Luxury Homes New Build


In year-on-year terms, there has been more than 500,000 home sold, recording 508,402 in the last twelve months, a figure that had not been reached since 2008. 87,703 contributed to new housing, reaching the highest year-on-year result in the last thirteen quarters. In second-hand homes, 420,699 sales were recorded, the highest amount since 2007. The year-on-year increase was 14.06%, with 13.15% in new housing and 14.25% in used housing. As we posted in a previous article.

The main advantages, of buying a new property, cited in order of importance according to the study, are:

  • Free of reforms. Ahead of the arguments is that it does not need reforms.
  • Adapts more to the needs. Open spaces, full fitted-kitchen, parking spaces.
  • The best quality finishes
  • Additional services and common areas: garage, storeroom, swimming pool, paddle tennis court, etc.
  • Location
  • Allows to save. During the time that elapse under the house construction allows to save the money for the payment of the entrance fee.
  • Guarantee of the regulations accomplishment
  • Brand new house.
  • Acquiring an off-plan property, facilitates access to houses that would be more expensive if they were already built.
  • Easier to choose the type of property (height, type, etc.).

Marbella Luxury Homes, is a real estate agency on the Costa del Sol assures a prompt and efficient service and the security in the purchasing process, while generating a simpler and more reliable buying experience for the client. One of the valuable competitive advantages is that the agents are native speakers of several countries, mastering the language of interest. The focus of the company is on customer satisfaction, through a quality service in the purchase and sale of homes on the Costa del Sol as well as multiple services for the owners.

The legal system and the steps to follow when buying a property abroad are different in each country, that’s why Marbella Luxury Homes establishes bonds of trust with the client to optimize time and costs given their extensive knowledge and experience in the region and therefore becomes the client’s invaluable assistant.

A wise home buyer knows there’s lots of issues and things to be considered while buying a property in a foreign country, choosing your best partner certainty will determine your success in the purchasing of property.


Source: Study ‘Profile of the buyer of new construction 2017-2018’ . Fotocasa,


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